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Glitz Park (Pvt) Ltd.
No:87/2A. Kandy Road,
Sri Lanka.


Tel: +94 33 2234224,5
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FAQs - Frequently Aked Questions


  •  Can i book services at GLITZ PARK

Yes,you can book a range of services At glitz park.So you can receive services on exact date and time.It will save your valuable time.
  •  How can i book services

You can book online.Visit our home page(Web Site)www.glitzpark.com and press Book Online tab or just call 0773 982982 simple as that.
  •  What are the services I can book

Most of the Important services like, General Service (Standard Detail as we call it in GLITZ PARK),Interior,Exterior and Full Details,Body wash....ect.You can look for all services enabled for booking on STEP3 of Book Online tab.www.glitzpark.com
  •  What will happen when i make a booking

You can select a comfortable booking date and time for the service required as per the availability.After the confirmation GLITZ PARK will reserve you a work bay for the relevant date and time for you.A confirmation email will be sent to you for your reference.Your punctuality is very much appreciated.GLITZ PARK will attend on your service immediately on your arrival.No wasting time in queues.We trust we can maintain high standards and maximum delay of attending for work tolerated will be 15 minutes after your arrival.



Book Services Online feature can be used to book certain services provided at GLITZ PARK Online.
The Registration of Customers will be done only at GLITZ PARK premises .You must obtain any sort of service offered at GLITZ PARK to get registered. An Username & password will be provided .You have the facility to change it afterwards.
This is Check Your Vehicle History Online feature. To benefit with this feature first you must get registered, by doing any sort of a service at our GLITZ PARK premises. This will allow you to retrieve all history of your vehicle services done at GLITZ PARK. Also by entering your current ODO meter reading you will obtain details of your next service(Date, What oils/filters to be replaced) & our recommendations for your vehicle to be well maintained.
This is a Member Area where you'll benefit with lots of features such as Check Your Vehicle History, Book Services online Ect...... In order to obtain username/password you must register at GLITZ PARK premises by obtaining any sort of service offered.