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Glitz Park (Pvt) Ltd.
No:87/2A. Kandy Road,
Sri Lanka.


Tel: +94 33 2234224,5
Fax:+94 33 2234225

The Company


Glitz Park (pvt) Ltd. Is a limited liability company incorporated in Sri Lanka since year 2005 .It is the state of the art Auto maintenance and repair station in gampaha District which provides, high tech professional vehicle maintenance to the utmost satisfaction of customers. It also carries the status being the largest, providing vehicle care/Repair services, stationed along kandy road at Miriswatte junction (Gampaha). Before its inception the area was lacking a high tech auto service provider. Glitz Park fitted in to the groove perfectly and carries on with improvements since then. Glitz park team loves vehicles and always gives maximum service to our clients. We always provide added value for the money customer spends.


Driving along the road of customer satisfaction, Glitz Park has identified the resource of human as the key to our success. We always invest vast amount of time and money in uplifting the attitudes, skills, character and overall the personality of our staff. Glitz Park strives for quality. We use only state of the art equipment in Oder to render quality services.


Further we warmly welcome our customer suggestions to improve our selves all the time. All these qualities have made Glitz Park an institute invincible and always keeping to our motto.


Our Vision


To become the best team of professional personals with good skills attitudes,charactor,integrity and personality who provides Auto maintainance / repair to the utmost satisfaction and delight of customers in our motherland.


Our Mission


To provide best quality services at all time and in all levels of the organisation. To provide only the best quality spares, chemicals & products in our services. Maintaining standard of services and achievements all the time to delight clients. Develop personal skills, attitudes, charactor, intergrity and personality of our team. Develop professional skills of our staff. Always be aware of the newest technology and adopt them in our work station. Always add state of the art equipment to our machinery & tools inventory. To render services in a methodical way to save time and money (5S system). Maintain vehicle history(computerised). To offer best value fot money.


Book Services Online feature can be used to book certain services provided at GLITZ PARK Online.
The Registration of Customers will be done only at GLITZ PARK premises .You must obtain any sort of service offered at GLITZ PARK to get registered. An Username & password will be provided .You have the facility to change it afterwards.
This is Check Your Vehicle History Online feature. To benefit with this feature first you must get registered, by doing any sort of a service at our GLITZ PARK premises. This will allow you to retrieve all history of your vehicle services done at GLITZ PARK. Also by entering your current ODO meter reading you will obtain details of your next service(Date, What oils/filters to be replaced) & our recommendations for your vehicle to be well maintained.
This is a Member Area where you'll benefit with lots of features such as Check Your Vehicle History, Book Services online Ect...... In order to obtain username/password you must register at GLITZ PARK premises by obtaining any sort of service offered.