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Imprtance Of Regular Auto Maintenanace

More evidence can be seen in "sealed for life" transmissions and differentials, but a sealed for life engine? Who knows? Perhaps major car components (engines and transmissions) will become disposable like batteries, tyres, mufflers and shock absorbers. We might one day see cars with engines like cassettes where you run it for a year then take it to a replacement centre which un-clicks the old engine and clicks in a new one. In the meantime, we still need to take the car regularly to have its vital fluids checked or changed and other electronic and mechanical functions reviewed or adjusted. Technology in cars like electronic fuel injection and electronic control units certainly hav...
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Book Services Online feature can be used to book certain services provided at GLITZ PARK Online.
The Registration of Customers will be done only at GLITZ PARK premises .You must obtain any sort of service offered at GLITZ PARK to get registered. An Username & password will be provided .You have the facility to change it afterwards.
This is Check Your Vehicle History Online feature. To benefit with this feature first you must get registered, by doing any sort of a service at our GLITZ PARK premises. This will allow you to retrieve all history of your vehicle services done at GLITZ PARK. Also by entering your current ODO meter reading you will obtain details of your next service(Date, What oils/filters to be replaced) & our recommendations for your vehicle to be well maintained.
This is a Member Area where you'll benefit with lots of features such as Check Your Vehicle History, Book Services online Ect...... In order to obtain username/password you must register at GLITZ PARK premises by obtaining any sort of service offered.